Book Review: Shards of honor

I technically listened to Shards of Honor in September, but I’ve also read it in the past. It stands out as a book I think many readers will appreciate currently, with a great female lead, so posting a review here as well as the usual sites…Enjoy!

An excellent mix of military action and intelligent romance. Main character Cordelia fulfills the strong woman trope that’s currently popular but is vastly more complex and rich than most female heroines. She’s at once more capable and more vulnerable than most women portrayed in modern fiction. She stands toe to toe with any of the military heros and, in my opinion comes out on top. She’s relatable and not without flaws. She’s surprised by love and both she and her man dance around it, not weaving coy games, but with a life-earned wariness but heart-earned longing. Psychologically compelling and politically interesting on many levels. Humor weaves throughout with sardonic wit. Highly recommended read.

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Shards of honor”

  1. “a life-earned wariness but heart-earned longing” That’s a great line. The book sounds good, Sheri. You’re right about strong female protagonists being in fashion these days – we have to make up for centuries of it being the other way around! 😀

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    1. I’m up to book 13 in this series on Audible now, but I keep thinking back to Shards of Honor with was 1st or 2nd. Such a well-rounded, well-written book. I hope you add it to your list. If you haven’t read Lois McMaster Bujold, I’d definitely recommend her for you. I love her writing for many of the same reasons I love yours, Diana. Emotionally complex characters / relationships, fully developed and well-researched world, political / moral intrigue with multi-faceted dilemmas and a good dose of action with surprising moments of humor. Hard to get better than that in a read!

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      1. A 13 book series scares me, Sheri. It’s such a commitment! Can they be read as stand alones? Then I could jump in and it wouldn’t matter if it’s 6 months between books. 🙂 In the meantime, I’m going to Amazon to wish-list the first.

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        1. Absolutely! Many of them are loosely related and explore various sub-characters’ journeys. When written they jumped around in the world’s timeline etc. I would personally pursue them in the chronological order that later got assigned since characters and politics of world build that way, but start with Shards of Honor. But you can skip some etc. No problem at all. Written to stand alone well.

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        2. I noticed that the author recommends reading in chronological order too and provides a list of the books for readers who want to do that. I wish-listed the first and will give it a try (after I read your book!) 🙂

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