About SJK & Reality with a Twist

untitledSomehow when I sit to write a story, my mind wanders off to might have beens, or even more so, to what ifs. All authors do this of course. It’s the basis of fiction to imagine. But I can’t seem to stay in what is commonly accepted as reality, even when I start in a contemporary setting in my home town.

Feeling Human front coverwBefore I know it my main character’s body is pulled into a vortex between dimensions and his consciousness is taking a wild ride observing the thoughts and feelings of his fellow human beings from the inside. And do I let him choose when to pass from one to another? Of course not, that would be way too down to earth. He transfers each time his host touches someone else’s skin or hair with their own. This character is Jac, and though his life is very grounded in reality on a Montana ranch – with normal troubles like being abandoned by his mom – he meets a very twisty twist in, FEELING HUMAN, that changes everything.

Likeness front cover final (2)Or perhaps my characters, like Charlie and Emmaline, are slogging through their usual work-a-day lives in a marketing department in Seattle. They embrace regular sorts of office antics like inside jokes and thriving on their quirks. But their creative ad efforts don’t just land them on a World-wide Pharmaceutical Conference stage – that would be far too normal for me – their product sends them on a bizarre romp with pseudo-Charlies and semi-Emmalines. Yes, it’s twisted again when the drug they promo, Assimilaire, not only makes people feel the same as others to ease their anxiety, but makes them actually become like each other. Or at least like the unusual Charlie and Emmaline. But there’s plenty of Seattle flavor and a good measure workplace reality in, LIKENESS, and even a bomb scare. What’s more grounded in reality than that?

Along with my Reality with a Twist novels, this place is a forum for other real and twisty thoughts, findings, facts, stories and photos. Aliens, unique creatives, invention, odd or abstract images, interdimensional travel, nature spirits, intuitive knowledge, time travel, all kinds of speculation are welcome here. So hold on to your hat. You never know when this rollercoaster might hit the corkscrew track. Whoo hoo!

All photos and writings here are mine – copyright Sheri J. Kennedy – unless otherwise credited. All rights reserved. If you’d like to share something online, please do – just give me credit, please. But don’t print or resell any material you find here unless you have my kind permission – ‘cuz that’s just twisted.


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