Through the Cracks – Illuminations from Readers

“A story about love, healing, choices, trust and the power of meaningful human connections. … Highly recommended.”

“a strong story of struggle, sisterhood and growing up. (2 thumbs up and 5 *)”

“A warm story about connecting, friendship, healing and trust. Paranormal elements are integral but not overdone.”

“I relished Lydia’s voice and the way she thinks everything that she’s feeling and thinking. Her voice was sarcastic, truthful, and wholesome all at the same time.”

“What an excellent story! Teens will get it, and so will adults. Both will be intrigued. This story makes the reader think deeply. Well done!”

“An underneath kind of book, told on two levels. I’m taken back to my own youth…. A quick read, well-paced, simply told but not like any other coming of age story I’ve ever read. This is a rare one.”