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Book Review: Shards of honor


I technically listened to Shards of Honor in September, but I’ve also read it in the past. It stands out as a book I think many readers will appreciate currently, with a great female lead, so posting a review here as well as the usual sites…Enjoy!

An excellent mix of military action and intelligent romance. Main character Cordelia fulfills the strong woman trope that’s currently popular but is vastly more complex and rich than most female heroines. She’s at once more capable and more vulnerable than most women portrayed in modern fiction. She stands toe to toe with any of the military heros and, in my opinion comes out on top. She’s relatable and not without flaws. She’s surprised by love and both she and her man dance around it, not weaving coy games, but with a life-earned wariness but heart-earned longing. Psychologically compelling and politically interesting on many levels. Humor weaves throughout with sardonic wit. Highly recommended read.

B is for Bujold, Lois McMaster Bujold

I’m so excited about this I had to reblog it to Reality with a Twist too! Along with being thrilled to give homage to a great author in Feeling Human, I also got an email from Ms. Bujold! I was giddy when she replied. I’m not one to be star struck. I never wallpapered my room with Tiger Beat or band posters, but I admire the hell out of Lois McMaster Bujold. Her writing inspires me, makes me laugh till I cry, makes me think even deeper than I already do, and best of all sweeps me away in story. How does she do that time after time? Genius… I’m star struck despite myself. Thanks, Lois! It was really great to meet you by email! -Sheri

Miss LiV Adventures ~A Journey Through Time...and Time Again

MemoryLois McMaster Bujold has long been my favorite author, but today she became one of my favorite people. I sent an email to her last night just before midnight – truly at the eleventh hour – to ask if I could include an excerpt from her novel, Memory in my newest book, Feeling Human.

Since the release date for Feeling Human is April 12th, time was of the essence. Not only did Lois give permission, she replied to me this morning. I’m so excited, and I really appreciate her response as well as the privilege! I’d always heard she enjoyed communicating with fans and other writers, but I’m astounded by her down-to-earth graciousness.

If you haven’t read her work, you are missing out. Her plots are complex, ideas creative and thought-provoking, and her characters absolutely live. She has three series to choose from, so check them out to see which…

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