Drive-thru Cookies & the Meaning of Fortune

20170502_190150As fate would have it, I read a story about Destiny and then an article about Chance back to back on two of my favorite new blogs…new to me, that is. This coincidence came on the heels of much contemplation on Fortune and the intertwining of what we’re given vs. what we choose. I’d been thinking over the plot twists for my time travel series, Miss LiV Adventures. Basic idea is Miss Livingstone steps from one dimension to the next and lives different potential lives. Ultimately she will have to choose which one to live – who she wants to be, who she wants by her side, and who and what she’s willing to lose.

Do we have such mastery over our destiny? Do we want to? Is everything a choice or are there things which are fated for us?

Several of us got into a great discussion in comments following the Chance article, about how everything is based on choice, but I would say there is definitely some element of fortune to our lives. What we start with, where and when we’re born and what circumstances our families live in, shape our sets of choices greatly. The idea of this type of fortune came back to me when my husband and I were driving back to town on the freeway and were craving dessert.  Neither one of us wanted to tackle the grocery store, so I remembered I had a small balance on my Starbucks card and we went to their drive-thru and got a cookie each. Drive-thru cookies…that is fortune indeed.

5 thoughts on “Drive-thru Cookies & the Meaning of Fortune”

  1. That was an interesting conversation over there at Erik’s place. It makes me wonder if all my “problems” aren’t first world problems – even the less comfortable ones – like aging parents and struggling children – because we still have choices. And maybe that’s the defining criteria: the depth and breadth of choices. The more choices, the greater the privilege. Thanks for the added reflection here, Sheri. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

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    1. That’s an excellent definition of privilege. But even first world problems weigh on the heart and psyche, if no so much on our physical beings. Compassion is worthwhile for anyone who is suffering at any level. It’s just good to be reminded of perspective, and sometimes that in itself can relieve more minor suffering and help us have energy to reach out and help with deeper suffering in others. Thanks for your insightful comments, as always! I hope your day is filled with lovely choices. 🙂

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  2. How nice to see you continuing the discussion here, after taking such an active part in my post on Chance.

    I agree with you. Much of what we call “chance” comes down to “choice” — but not all. I had much to say about that in comments over at The Best Advice So Far”. But in short, yes, personal choice can not account for where we are born, when, how or to whom. Still, I’ve seen people born to privilege complain and squander a life, while I’ve seen those born with nothing and all odds against them overcome and achieve much.

    As I say in my book, we don’t get to choose everything in life; but we do always have a choice — the choice of what we do next. And that realization and practice is a life changer.

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    1. Certainly it’s about what you do with what you’ve got, and every circumstance has it’s good fortune. It’s crazy the luxury that’s in my slice of the world, but I don’t live at a level that has access to more than a small wedge of that…and yet I can drive-thru and order up delicious delights on a whim. I can appreciate the occasional treat, or I could work to indulge constantly or not work at all and have nothing. I have many choices. I think if you have less luxury perhaps you may have a narrowed set of choices. However you always have those basic three to work steadily with a moderate survival or gain, work intensely to change things or gain more, or not work at all and potentially lose anything you do have. You can also work too hard or completely overindulge – even when there is no luxury to indulge in. Even if the choices and gains or indulgences are all in your mind.

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