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Doorways Anthology CoverA doorway can be an opportunity, an escape, or a transition. No matter where it goes, something changes.

At the tail end of the year, I have a new published work in the NIWA, Northwest Independent Writers Association 2019 Anthology, Doorways. I hope you’ll check it out and consider it for purchase during your gift buying season. FIND IT HERE

I’m honored to be included in this excellent collection. My story, Hallway Light, is a short Literary Fiction piece with a somewhat twisty tale of grief and a luminous shard of hope.

Fifteen Pacific Northwest authors invite you to enter their domains and wander through their imaginations. The stories within will transport you to magical realms, unexpected futures, and surprising situations.

Including stories by:
William J. Cook
Emma Lee
Sheri J. Kennedy
Heidi Hansen
Connie J. Jasperson
Thomas Gondolfi
Liam RW Doyle
EM Prazeman
Suzanne Hagelin
L. Wade Powers
Stephen Hagelin
Jonathan Eaton
Eric Little
Sheila Deeth
Nia Jean

Into the Light

I’ve biked and walked through the Snoqualmie Tunnel several times. A journey through this throwback in time and over two miles in the dark – especially on foot – is an eerie and inspiring experience.

Encountering others in the tunnel is otherworldly. They are distant swinging lights and then vague partial images. You can see and hear them for a long time before you reach them, and then they are gone without being known, as a tiny undefined blip in the interminable darkness. It’s cool and a bit creepy.

But perhaps the most amazing thing about the hike is how long you can see the light at the end and how deceptive its distance. At some point when the monotony of steps and dim focus take over your perception, it seems like you’re suspended in time, forever walking toward the light.