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And the Winner is… #AllitLitPloProPo Challenge Awards!!

At last, the day is here! It’s time to announce the Winner of The Alliterative Literature Plotted Prose & Poetry Challenge!! #AllitLitPlo ProPo You can see the rules of the challenge and the entries from the top three contenders for this year’s prize HERE.

In evaluating the top three, I realized the race was incredibly close or tied on crowd response, and each of the three fulfilled a different aspect of the challenge at a significantly higher level than the others. So I’ve decided to award those 3 aspects, as well as choose the overall Challenge Winner. An exclusive badge has been created for each and sent to each winner for their badge boasting bliss.

First is FAN FAVORITE! This author’s fantastically funny use of (coincidentally) F words ferreted out the most fruitful fanfare. Congrats to Harvey Heilbrun for “Frank’s Fiasco”

Our Alliteration Aficionados were also challenged with using as many different alliterative words as possible in their pieces. Venerating the VOCAB VIRTUOSO! This author’s B words busted the bar with boo-coo brilliant babbling. Congrats to Bill Reynolds for “Benevolent Bedlam”

While the challenge openly encouraged Prose or Poetry, the feat of rendering solid alliteration in metered verse stood out as celebratory. Prizing the PRIMO POET! This author’s S words stunned with scintillating skill and silly symmetry. Congrats to Hobbo for “Susan’s Silly Story”

Without further ado, the 2022 WINNER on the multitudinous merits of flamboyant fandom, sensible silliness, wealth of words and quotient of Quinn*-quality quirk… Congrats to Harvey Heilbrun for “Frank’s Fiasco”! Harvey, you’ve won the 1st ever Alliterative Literature Plotted Prose & Poetry Challenge and all bragging rights thereby granted!! Go forth and Alliterate evermore (and ever more.)

It’s been my supreme pleasure to present the Allit Lit Plo Pro Po Challenge! Thanks to ALL who entered and who came by the blog to read, tangle their tongues, oo-and-ah, giggle and vote! Thanks also for continuing throughout the month to inspire my Alliterative AtoZ Challenge journey this April! I conquered the story-a-day A-Z, all in alliteration. Such fun… Perhaps again next year?

*Quinn, is challenge presenter, Sheri J. Kennedy’s nickname, and the surname of her pen-name for Steam Era Time Travel novels by Kennedy J. Quinn.

S is for Second Silly Selection!! #AtoZChallenge

I already posted my Alliterative Story with the A to Z Challenge letter of the day. ‘Seedy Swaps at Sonny’s Seaside Speakeasy’ in a separate post, but I’m also presenting the third Simply Sensational Silly Story (see what I did there?) entered for my Alliterative Literature Plotted Prose and Poetry Challenge! Please leave your comments and ‘Votes’ for Hobbo’s story – presented with extra difficulty in verse – if you think it’s a Stunning Soliloquy or Splashy Semblance of Side-splitting Sentences. Also… I’m hosting the free challenge HERE You can join in the fun by voting in comments for your favorites! Winner announced at the end of April.

And without further ado:

Susan’s Silly Story

Silly Susan, sledging, slowly, 
Spied a scary snallygaster
Speeding, swiftly slippy-sliding, 
Skidded, stopped; a snollygoster

Saw Susan and strangely stalked 
Her, saying, Sue you sexy spinster, 
Such slow scallywaggery 
Seems soppy, stupid, somehow sinister 

Surely I’m a superhero, 
Six feet six of solid sinew. 
Sue suspects some sly seduction 
Seeing such a solid surtout 

So, says she, still smiling sweetly, 
Sir, such stranger-serenading, 
Seems I somehow should’ve 
Serendipitously stayed in 

Sewing silken socks so my 
Seven sisters, sadly sick 
Stay safe, sound, secure 
From such a snidy shaggledick. 

Secretly signalling SOS; 
Stop, cease your sordid stare, 
My sparkling specs spy only 
Someone surely not snoutfair.

Suddenly, Susie’s so-called stalker, 
Squashing, sadly, Sammy Squirrel 
Stomped off sulking, spitting, 
Swearing, such a silly old sod, Cyril.

by Hobbo, All Rights Reserved

snallygaster     (mythical creature)
snollygoster     (scheming politician) 
scallywaggery          (political opportunism)
surtout          (overcoat) 
shaggledick.     (a person whose name you can’t remember)
snoutfair.     (old term for fair of face)