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Jacquie’s Janky Jest #AtoZChallenge

Each day this month I’ll be posting an Alliterative Story with the A to Z Challenge letter of the day. I’ll also be posting a few Alliterative stories or sensible poems by other authors from a separate free challenge I hosted HERE  You can join in the fun by watching for the challenge authors and voting in comments for your favorites! Winner announced at the end of April.

On the job, Jamaican janitor, Jerry Johnson joyously joked, jeered and jabbered at journalist, Jacquie Jenson’s jacked-up jealousy of his jazzy Japanese jet, jasper and jade Jell-O jar, not jiggy to his jeopardy.

Like a jubilant jackal, she jumped, jimmied and jerked the jewel from Jerry, just jamming she was justified in the jaw-dropping juvenile juxtaposition after his jaunty jocular jabs.

“Jacquie, that jive is a jumbo janky jest,” Jerry jutted, jolted.

The jaded Jacquie jigged and jargoned like jehu, “Jury’s jackknifed on jail, Jerry.”

He jibed jilted juju, jinxed her junk and joined judgement with Jah.

by Sheri J. Kennedy, All Rights Reserved