I found this post by my blog friend at bluebrightly thought-provoking, moving and well written. I was especially intrigued by the wrapping together of landscape, cultural and political climates. So often we separate things and dissect issues of various natures with a false and clinical disconnect, when our environment, heart and society are actually fully intertwined.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARegular visitors to this blog know it’s usually image-heavy, without too much text. This time it’s the other way around. There’s a story I can only hint at here, an important one. If you’re interested, follow the links to learn more. And if this isn’t your thing, be assured that next time I’ll revert to the usual emphasis on photography.


In a recent post I featured cacti and other unusual plants at Organ Pipe National Monument in Arizona, which I visited in January.  As much as I enjoyed the extraordinary Sonoran desert landscape, I could not ignore our troubled border with Mexico, which forms the monument’s southern edge.


Being present at the border brings home everything you hear in the media, and more. International borders are political concepts, often drawn for colonial interests that ignored existing human, cultural and ecological realities. These territorial boundaries directly impact the land, the…

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CapitalIndieBookCon2 – A Fabulous Day at the Book Fair

This was a fun book fair with such a wide variety of authors and books. I was glad I spent the day there…I’m not in the photos since I took them all, but the first and last photos are of my authors group’s table, and my author-friend Rachel Barnard.

FreeValley Publishing

Here are some highlights from the day in Olympia at CapitalIndieBookCon2. It was a great day of meeting authors and readers!

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Drive-thru Cookies & the Meaning of Fortune

20170502_190150As fate would have it, I read a story about Destiny and then an article about Chance back to back on two of my favorite new blogs…new to me, that is. This coincidence came on the heels of much contemplation on Fortune and the intertwining of what we’re given vs. what we choose. I’d been thinking over the plot twists for my time travel series, Miss LiV Adventures. Basic idea is Miss Livingstone steps from one dimension to the next and lives different potential lives. Ultimately she will have to choose which one to live – who she wants to be, who she wants by her side, and who and what she’s willing to lose.

Do we have such mastery over our destiny? Do we want to? Is everything a choice or are there things which are fated for us?

Several of us got into a great discussion in comments following the Chance article, about how everything is based on choice, but I would say there is definitely some element of fortune to our lives. What we start with, where and when we’re born and what circumstances our families live in, shape our sets of choices greatly. The idea of this type of fortune came back to me when my husband and I were driving back to town on the freeway and were craving dessert.  Neither one of us wanted to tackle the grocery store, so I remembered I had a small balance on my Starbucks card and we went to their drive-thru and got a cookie each. Drive-thru cookies…that is fortune indeed.

Woot! I Won Camp NaNo!

Yup, I did it! All smiles here! 🙂

sheri j kennedy ~ Riverside


Seventy-six hours of editing in 30 days! My goal was 75. It was a lot of work, but I’ve really got a handle on the second book in my Witty Miss Livingstone series and a better grasp of the full story arc of the other 3 books to come. Yay! Congrats to all the rest of you who won or who made some progress on your writing goals this month!

I also completed the AtoZ Blogging Challenge on my other blog, Miss LiV Adventures. I had a great time posting for each letter, found some cool new blogs and met some fun and interesting new people. I survived and then some! Fun!

survivor-atoz [2017] v1

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Am I Obsessed?

Sean P Carlin said in his post today, (among many other worthwhile things), ‘If you’re blessed enough to have one, you know that passion inevitably becomes obsession, and obsession, like addiction, wants your complete attention—for better and for worse.’

This connection of passion to obsession was an epiphany for me. If you’ve poked around my blogs and their pages very much, then you’ve discovered I am always creating things. I have lots of interests and since I like to start and finish things, I tend to accomplish some pretty major projects and goals. In the last few years I’ve realized I’m very driven.

Because my interests primarily lie in the arts – writing, visual art, photography – I’ve always thought they were passions. But at the same time, being a very methodical person by nature, I was put off by that term if it’s used in a sense of being carried away. I don’t like the idea of being out of control.

For some reason, when I read Sean’s post today, I realized that these kinds of passions (the Arts, and the need to create) are those fanatical, crazy, out-of-control passions. And I’ve let my writing become an obsession. Here’s the Google Search Result for the definition:

Google Search Definition

Yup, I’ve gone a little crazy. I’m out of control! I’m alright with that to a degree – if the results are healthy and good. Certainly sharing artwork, beauty and other emotional expression that causes connection and/or learning or even just entertainment can be good. It’s not healthy to bottle things up or go against your heart. But it’s the Compulsion, Mania, and Addiction parts of the definition that worry me.

I’ve gotten fat from sitting writing so much. I spend more money than I should at Cafe’s where my writing time is most inspired and least interrupted. I’m barely at home, which means I often let domestic projects slide. I skip workouts too often. Yup, it’s no longer healthy. And, though I’ve been slowly admitting this to myself, I’ve been unwilling to significantly change my ways. Sound like addiction? Definitely unhealthy.

I’ve become obsessed. Hmmm…

Do you have something good that took over your life? What did you do about it? Did you find balance, or are you okay with being obsessed?



Science? Ah, That’s Better

Self-folding CraneTonight on my Miss Liv blog, I had a ‘cute’ rant about some rather annoying, supposed Science: . Out of curiosity, I decided to see what else ‘HelloGiggle’ considered ‘science.’

MIT’s Self-folding Crane

I wasn’t impressed with HelloGiggle’s commentary, but amongst many other deceptively named selections of fluff, I found a cool technology that MIT is working on – Self-folding inflatable designs that can be duplicated on CNC machines. I don’t have the tech to imbed the video, but here’s the VIMEO. Awesome! The applications are endless, and my faith in human kind is soaring instead of sore, once again.

O is for Opinions – Brain Prosthesis & Our Future

This was an excellent Speculative panel, and I love these idea exchanges. I’ll give my thoughts in another post soon…what do you think?

By the way, my author-friend David S. Moore has a Sci-fi series, Mind Space on this topic.

Miss LiV Adventures ~A Journey Through Time...and Time Again

humana-mechanica-we-build-from-and-to-the-starsArtwork: Humana Mechanica -We Build From and To the Stars, by Sheri Walton Kennedy, 18 x 24, Magazine Collage, 1997. 

Along with instruction on better writing, a huge benefit of attending Norwescon is the exchange of ideas – especially in the speculative panels. Here are my notes with some of the thoughts and opinions from:

“Brain Prosthesis and Mind Control.”

Panelists: David Shoemaker, PJ Manney, Jake McKinzie

David: If you got this tech too early, imagine the upgrades you would need. He would have got it if they would have let him when it was introduced at his company in research. It would have had only 10GB storage! Easy upgrades will need to be solved.

How does the privacy issue relate to having a brain fused to internet or pre-programmed software messages?

Jake: Privacy doesn’t exist already…

PJ: Many don’t care about privacy and feel the benefits are worth it. She…

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