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Feeling Human, Special Offer! – What is Experimental Fiction?

Author, Jacqui Murray, is welcoming my Guest Post on Experimental Fiction, and in appreciation, I’m offering a 99 cent Kindle deal on Feeling Human, A Reality with a Twist book, starting today! I think it’s especially fun to start the deal on a 23/23 day. Get your copy of this unique yet relatable novel HERE.

You can read about Experimental Fiction and get tips for writing an Experimental novel, starting below. And while you’re over at Jacqui’s blog, take a look around. She has a great new release that I’ll be posting about later this week too…


I’m honored to be here to share with you today. As I told our host, Jacqui Murray, I’m not an expert on Experimental fiction. I’m not certain anyone is, since it’s always changing. But I’m happy to illuminate some of the features of this unusual classification. I believe I’ve written an Experimental novel, and Jacqui asked if I might give you some tips on writing one. So, I’ll also share my writing process with you.

What is Experimental Fiction?

This genre is hard to define since its basic definition is it’s fictional writing that’s falls outside of current conventions and standard genres. But let’s consider some characteristics and examples to get a sense of what Experimental fiction is all about.

One feature often associated with Experimental fiction is, ‘form is as important or more important than content, and/or it has an unusual form.’ READ MORE…

Vote for the Winner! – Alliterative Literature Plotted Prose and Poetry Challenge

Due to my love of alliteration, I decided to host a writing challenge, (#AllitLitPloProPoe) and all entries are in… Here are the TOP THREE SUBMISSIONS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER. Challenge Rules are at the bottom of this post.



Benevolent Bedlam

Bronco buster, Bret Butler and his beautiful brunette bride, bonnie Bamby Buttercup, bebopped into the Bohica Brothers Barrelhouse and Brewpub brandishing boo-coo bucks to buy beer, bratwurst, and beans.

They bantered with the blond bimbo barmaid Brenda Bobbitt before her bashful barback boyfriend, Buck Bukowski (brilliant but a bit of a boor), butted-in with bragging babble about Bret’s bright blondish brew. Bebop blared on the boom box.

Bamby bought brandy but Bret brabbled and briskly begged Brenda to bring boosted bitters of basic brown or beclouded brews for his blooming belly, blessedly beseeching her to bear with him and bide his bleak befuddlement. Bret could be a bit of a bullheaded brute.

Brenda beamed back at Bret’s bargaining blast and brought him bottles of black booze. Bret belted back the boss beer. Buck begot barley-broo from behind the billet. Before bada-bing bested bada-boom, the blasted boys were buzzed and boasting bushels of blarney.

Bamby briskly beseeched her bae to bring back a brindled bundle from the boot of the Buick. Bret brought her brand-new babushka, beholding his brazen brilliance. Then all blazes broke out blunting the barroom bliss.

Buck boasted about Bamby’s bodacious breasts baffling a befuddled Bret and betraying Brenda. Briefly, Bret was bar borne and bounced bedeviled upon Buck and began bashing and beating his brains while bumping Brenda’s bodice. Beaten Buck became befogged by Bret’s bustling brawl and bummer blowout. Bret and Buck bled. Before long, the blotto bestial barbarians were befouled and besmeared with blood.

Bret brooded about Bamby’s besmirched beauty and his babe’s big as buckets bosoms. Buck brandished a borrowed Baretta, but Bret bullied him badly by bashing his bean with a board. By and by, Bret’s biscuit was buttered, and Buck’s bacon was baked and boiled. Both bemoaned the bustle as the Beatles blasted Bad Boy in the background.

The boxing bickering buddies became Bamby and Brenda’s bane. Bedimmed and befogged, Brenda bitched and barked barbs about the bamboozled buffoons so their breathless ballyhoo could be belayed. Bamby bargained with the boneheaded, broken, badass boys.

The beginning bourne bombed because the bloke and beau butthead’s blatant boisterousness brought bandy bromides, blank bywords, and behests before breaking off the boxing bout. Bewitched, bombastic, and bedaubed, Bret and Buck broke bottles on bones before breaking up the brouhaha. The brainless bumpkins backed their bodies off, bearing beaming blue blisters.

Now buffoon Bret bowed to benighted Buck. Brandy berated Bret to begone. Betrayed, they booked as Buck breathed, being borderline bitterly batshit and buggered. Brenda beheld Buck as a binger of a bacchanalia. By and by, byes were blabbed and broadcast by all. Brandy and Bret bolted for their bus. Blowsy and bursting, Buck blubbered, babbled, and bawled as Brenda bickered, bayed, and bellowed.

by Bill Reynolds, All Rights Reserved

Frank’s Fiasco

Foolish Frank felt frustrated finding farfetched frontiers to fulfill, featuring fairminded formats which fervently focussed on finesse. Frank’s friend Felix, fortunately, faced few failures and found Frank a festival focussing on physiological feats of flamboyance. Frank formed a fresh physical philosophy with fixed formulas, flouting his fine physique favoring a fluorescent facial fashion.

Frank’s father, Fred, feeling fury from Frank’s fanaticism and flouting of far-fetched fodder fumed fiercely, faced Frank’s fabrication and forbade his frivolous fantasy. Fred’s finicky feud fostered fuel for Frank to fortify his front.

Frank phoned Felix and faked Fred’s formal forgiveness and followed on forward feeling fanciful.

Felix featured Frank first, facing a fresh field of famous fellows. But Frank’s façade faltered, floundered, and faded. Fertile fissure function’s flapped. Fragrant fumes following fruitful flatulence forcefully floated free. Fluke fires flared from fiery fabric friction to find Frank’s fatal fart.

Far from funny, Frank’s flimsy faith froze. Forlorn and frightened, Frank’s foremost fear finally fell forth. Frank’s fortune failed. Fatigue filled and falling to a futile fate, fragile Frank forfeited and formally finished faking forever.

by Harvey Heilbrun, All Rights Reserved

Susan’s Silly Story

Silly Susan, sledging, slowly, 
Spied a scary snallygaster
Speeding, swiftly slippy-sliding, 
Skidded, stopped; a snollygoster

Saw Susan and strangely stalked 
Her, saying, Sue you sexy spinster, 
Such slow scallywaggery 
Seems soppy, stupid, somehow sinister 

Surely I’m a superhero, 
Six feet six of solid sinew. 
Sue suspects some sly seduction 
Seeing such a solid surtout 

So, says she, still smiling sweetly, 
Sir, such stranger-serenading, 
Seems I somehow should’ve 
Serendipitously stayed in 

Sewing silken socks so my 
Seven sisters, sadly sick 
Stay safe, sound, secure 
From such a snidy shaggledick. 

Secretly signalling SOS; 
Stop, cease your sordid stare, 
My sparkling specs spy only 
Someone surely not snoutfair.

Suddenly, Susie’s so-called stalker, 
Squashing, sadly, Sammy Squirrel 
Stomped off sulking, spitting, 
Swearing, such a silly old sod, Cyril.

snallygaster     (mythical creature)
snollygoster     (scheming politician) 
scallywaggery          (political opportunism)
surtout          (overcoat) 
shaggledick.     (a person whose name you can’t remember)
snoutfair.     (old term for fair of face)

by Hobbo, All Rights Reserved


  1. Must have a plot or emote with some development from beginning to end. Think storytelling.
  2. All but simple connector words must be alliteration in keeping with the single chosen consonant sound.
  3. Alliteration is repetition in two or more nearby words of initial consonant sounds. Does not HAVE to be the same initial letter. For example, the phrase “kids’ coats” is alliterative, but the phrase “phony people” is not alliterative.
  4. Bonus points if all of your alliterative words begin literally with the same letter.
  5. All alliterative words – except for character names – should be used only once within the piece – so also a vocabulary challenge.
  6. Use as many different words as possible while assuring the story makes (ok if somewhat nonsensical) sense.
  7. A winner will be chosen on consideration of number of different alliterative words used, plot/sense continuity, overall enjoyment by the challenger, and comment responses from readers on this blog. The winner will receive the Prestige of Plentiful Praise of their Prowess by their Peers!

Train Leaves the Station Tonight!

I’m so excited to read an excerpt to you from my story ‘Off the Rails’ tonight live on Zoom. Don’t miss it!! Valley Reads, The Lost Train, Zoom program is tonight. Feel free to join us 6:30 – 8pm PST, Wednesday, December 1st to hear readings by Pacific NW Authors and Chats by PNW Artists about their works that appear in this Special Co-op Anthology. Click this link to join from anywhere:

Spotlight: Sheri J. Kennedy & Kristin Tetuan -THE LOST TRAIN ANTHOLOGY — FreeValley Publishing

This is such a fun project to be part of! It’s an anthology presenting a diversity of visions, ideas and genres interpreted in seven short stories and ten works of art. Created for enjoyment by all ages, on the theme: The Lost Train. A cooperative collection from FVP Books Authors and NBA&I Artists. Click on the link to see artwork from my paired artist and a snippet of my featured story. The proceeds benefit non-profit Arts organization, North Bend Arts & Industry. So, thank you for supporting the Arts when you pick up your copy today!

THE LOST TRAIN Anthology is coming soon. Release is September 1st, and that’s tomorrow! So here’s the last post about the Authors and Artists that were paired to create works for the project… Sheri J. Kennedy is a FVP Featured Author, and she was paired with Kristin Tetuan. Sheri is also the coordinator and editor […]

via Spotlight: Sheri J. Kennedy & Kristin Tetuan -THE LOST TRAIN ANTHOLOGY — FreeValley Publishing

Got my Towel!

Norwescon 42Norwescon here I come! I can’t wait to be there again this year. Will you be there too? Come by and see me April 18th-21st at the FVP Books table on Writer’s Row. I’d love to chat with you and perhaps sign a book or two. See you there!   –Sheri J Kennedy

And here’s a sneak peek at my Towel, Some of our great Book Bundle Deals, and the Wild and Crazy Authors I’ll share a table with:

Norwescon FVP 3-Author collage

Making Funny Faces

20190127_105056While selling books with NIWA (Northwest Independent Writer’s Association) at the Tacoma Home and Garden Show this past weekend, we noticed that setting my friend KateMarie’s book next to mine gave each half a whole. Funny and a bit creepy to me. What do you think?

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to meet us and to those who bought books at the show. It was great to meet you!

-Sheri J Kennedy

Go Adventure Team! NaNoWriMo 2018

We’ve got a full on Board Game and Month Long points contest going on in the Snoqualmie Valley Region this year with chances to make points online and at events. In addition to individual gains, we’re divided into teams by genre. I declared Adventure for my Steam Era Time Travel ‘Miss LiV Adventures’ series book. Someone started a forum thread for colors and mascots. So Robin Hood is the Adventure mascot and I’m having fun with this snarky meme from a Shrek quiz:

Adventure Team Meme

Can’t stop laughing!! I love NaNoWriMo! Go Team!!

I’ve Been Chosen! – Likeness & Valley Reads

Likeness KCLS Valley Reads RegisterI’m so excited about King Co. Library System choosing my book LIKENESS as their first Valley Reads feature for community book club reading!! Our newspaper, The Valley Record did a Feature Article on the program. I’m #almostfamous !

Anyone who REGISTERS for the program can pick up their FREE book at North Bend Library after April 7th, and then I’ll be leading a Discussion Event at North Bend Library on May 2nd. The book is great for discussion since it’s concept driven and is a playful romp full of thought-provoking ideas regarding similarity and difference.

If you’re in the area, be sure to REGISTER, before March 25th, and if you’re curious, check out the book preview on Amazon.

Get your copy of LIKENESS today!

Valley Reads KCLS Sign Up Flyer