This World is For the Birds

I had a strange dream. Might have had something to do with the amazing Dinosaur Apocalypse, Nova episodes I watched on PBS before I went to sleep. Fascinating research and discoveries that might be documenting the last day on earth for the dinosaurs. But it’s well accepted now, that some of their feathered relatives survived the cataclysm into the new era. And then we came along.

Looking back, by Sheri J. Kennedy 2015 All Rights Reserved

In my dream, I awoke at a swanky, cool campground in Jamaica. On the way to breakfast with a friend, I noticed enormous mushrooms just a little ways away. (We’re talking, the size of small houses!) I was exhilarated at the prospect of investigating such exotic growths more closely and took off toward them like a… curious human rushing to explore giant mushrooms.

For the Birds, Sheri J. Kennedy 2015 All Rights Reserved

As I was running, a large bird – somewhat like a black & white gull – flew into the front of my face and torso. It flapped aggressively, arresting my progress. So I turned around quickly to try to dodge around it and, just as quickly, it flew against my front side again. I couldn’t pass its determined barrier.

I awoke feeling affronted. (hehe, I guess I literally was, in the dream.) I immediately understood that the bird wouldn’t let me pass to this new era or dimension of amazing, huge, and as yet alien to us, growth. I thought, “is it our turn to reach the end of the age this time?”

Our elders, the birds, likely know better than we. What do you think?

p.s. (Afterthought…) The images weren’t created to illustrate this post, they were created long before it, but I thought they went well with it. The humans were originally thought of as resting peacefully in the grass – but resting in peace takes on a new meaning here perhaps?? Sorry about that! -SJK

9 thoughts on “This World is For the Birds”

    1. Yes, I think we’re likely to find a way to survive. In the dream I felt more frustrated than fearful and I believed I’d get around the bird somehow, so perhaps that’s encouraging. But then I woke up and had that distinct thought upon awakening. It was an odd one.

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        1. I haven’t revisited this one nor anyplace similar that seems connected yet. Sometimes that happens for me, though I’m more likely to visit the same dream places but with different stories – or at least start out at the same place and then morph/travel, kind of like Miss Livingstone does with the stones. It always feels especially poignant when I visit my grandmother’s old neighborhood in Vancouver, B.C. As is apparently common, it’s not truly like her neighborhood was, but it’s always the same differences in my dreams and I believe it’s her correct neighborhood while I’m there. Things that happen there feel very important, though they rarely have a unique or big story to them, so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to glean. Dreams are fascinating.

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        2. Dreams are fascinating indeed. I took a course during my counseling years on dream interpretation (more exploration than interpretation) and it was unbelievable. In a nutshell… sit with a pen and blank piece of paper, and soften your eyes and mind so that the words will flow without thought and judgment. Then write what happed before the dream started. Or what happened after the dream ended. What did you do, how did you feel, where did you go, what was said. The insights can be rather stunning. 🙂


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