Valentine’s Villainy #AtoZChallenge

Alliterative Story with the A to Z Challenge letter of the day. I’ve also posted a few Alliterative stories or sensible poems by other authors from a separate free challenge I hosted. You can join in the fun by going to THIS POST to read the challenge authors’ pieces and vote in comments for your favorites in the next 3 days! Winner announced on April 30th, so hurry and vote NOW.

Voluptuous Victoria vested herself with Vaseline and venomous vintage vamp vividness vying to veil her Virginian virtue with veritable vixen-like visage. When she visited the voluminous vestibule of the Vermont VRBO, VIP Vincent Valentine’s venue, her vascular volume vexed her viscus valves viciously and she vacillated on the verge  – vibe or vamoose? She voted for viable versatility by vigilantly vaulting into the vortex, venturing vertically with violent vertigo at the velocity of the vanishing valley vista.

“Vegas Voodoo?” a voice vibrated in the void, a variant of the vox on Victoria’s voicemail.

Victoria vanquished her vulnerability and vivified her vapid vulgar viper. “Vincent Valentine?”

“Virus Vaccination Velum?”

She verified.

A violin and viola – vivace – volted the vast view of a vacuous Vargas-like velvety Venice with vile vibrato. Vincent, in a very violet visor, vinyl Vans, and Versace vest, voraciously victimized a varmint with vegetables, vermicelli and a vat of vino like a vagrant vampire vulture. “Victuals?”

Victoria veered from her verve.

“Vittles?” he vocalized vehemently.

“I’m v-vegan.”

The vermin’s vane volleyed verbosely. “Your Venmo validated this video voucher. Voila! Verily, you’ll be my vessel of Venus and I your Virgo Vega. Visualize us victoriously viral. Virtually venerated.”

Victoria’s vanity vaporized and vacated in vicissitude with her verdict. She hadn’t volunteered to be violated by this villainous vole.

He volcanically vomited his variegated vanilla-like vinegary vice into a valuable varnished Vishnu vase.

Valiantly, Victoria voyaged by van from the viny villa to the verdant varsity village, her vital virginal verity vindicated.

by Sheri J. Kennedy, All rights reserved

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