Uppity Ursula #AtoZChallenge

Alliterative Story with the A to Z Challenge letter of the day. I’ve also posted a few Alliterative stories or sensible poems by other authors from a separate free challenge I hosted. You can join in the fun by going to THIS POST to read the challenge authors’ pieces and vote in comments for your favorites in the next 4 days! Winner announced on April 30th, so hurry and vote NOW.

Uppity Ursula came unglued and undulated with ugly upset when underdog Ulrich, her understudy, upstaged her by unpacking The Urchin’s ultimate utterance with uncommon understanding of urgent unhappiness. When her uncle ushered Ulrich up to the undertaking’s underpinners under his ultra-umber umbrella and unleashed, “Unbelievable” with utter unction, Ursula was undone, her untoward uncouthness uncovered.

by Sheri J. Kennedy, All Rights Reserved

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