Tubby’s Turbulent Talent Trek #AtoZChallenge

Each day this month I’ll be posting an Alliterative Story with the A to Z Challenge letter of the day. I’ve also posted a few Alliterative stories or sensible poems by other authors from a separate free challenge I hosted. You can join in the fun by going to THIS POST to read the challenge authors’ pieces and vote in comments for your favorites in the next 6 days! Winner announced on April 30th, so hurry and vote NOW.

Tubby the tightrope trainer tiptoed through Tinseltown trying to turn up the terse tiger tamer Tula Turner to take over under the tent after Tubby’s turbulent tribulations with the terrible topsy-turvy Two-foot Tina.

Teaching Tina, though titillating, was tough. Her timorous trim torso tipped terrifically, taking ten tons of trials with the tangible tether. Then she tore tarps with terrifying tumbles, tended toward tragic torpors, and tangled tremendously when toeing the track. The timid tiny Tina teetered like a top-heavy tubular turnip on titanic tree trunks even after Tubby’s tried-and-true twenty-two tweaks.

Tearing his tam, and tempering his tongue, Tubby tossed out tricks to tamper with the travesty. He tested tips on a tablet to transmit with telemetry for Tina’s transcription, but tilting, her tush tasted tarmac. He tinkered with telepathy and, though her temple tingled with tertiary tools, she tanked on traversing the trying trail.

Tina tromped, trading trepidation for tenaciousness with twisty tremors, but when the tortured trooper toppled the two-thousandth time, traumatized, she ticked tumultuously and tearily told her teacher, “Tubby, this is too taxing. I was tantalized by trending on and Tic-Tok and Twitter, but this tedious torrid torment’s taken a toll on my toleration and tractability. My tummy is toast. I’m travelling.”

“Tisk-tisk,” Tubby tattled to Tina’s transitory target, tabulating his triumph vs. termination and transferring tawdry truck to Tina.

He took a tardy timeout for a toke and treated himself to tilapia tacos, tuna tortellini, tiramisu and Tanqueray-and-Tonic till tipsy. Trodden down, his tottering temperament trifled with a Tardis to transport him to a tip-top title, but Tubby tapped his teak, travertine and tusk Tasmanian talisman, and trusted that his troubles with Tina were trivial not toxic.

Tuckered out he turned to his team. His toadies, even Tom, twigged Tubby was teed off, and they tunneled, tripping to their Teslas when he trounced their trousers like a trilling tambourine, “I’m talking turkey: Tout tickets!”

Tubby triggered his telephone to trump up talent for a task-oriented tryst. He tussled with traditional types while tugging on Tijuanas. He tucked his tunic under the table, tamped out his tobacco, and twinkled with tranquil truth. “Tula Turner could tantalize treasure.”

The temperature trashed Tubby on his trudging trek around town and he temporarily traipsed to a topiary by a tourist trap. “Tula!” He tailed the tall tulip and tackled her with a tango of trinkets. “Triscuits, Tonkas, Tupperware, Tevas, Teddy-bears, Tiffany, Teletubbies? What translates to tally transcendence in the tarpaulin tabernacle together?”

“Televise,” Tula twanged without a twitch.

Tubby tapped-out, totally totaled.

by Sheri J. Kennedy, All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “Tubby’s Turbulent Talent Trek #AtoZChallenge”

    1. Yes, some of the words don’t get used that often in regular speech or writing, and all of these try to use as many different words as possible. Also the words are used in unusual ways or with less common meanings of the same word, so they are great vocabulary exercises. Writing them helped me remember words I hadn’t used in a long time so now they’re handy for my regular writing again. 😀


  1. My favourite part is “The timid tiny Tina teetered like a top-heavy tubular turnip on titanic tree trunks even after Tubby’s tried-and-true twenty-two tweaks.” How you keep going I will never know.

    Liked by 1 person

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