Gas-tly Gormet #AtoZChallenge

Each day this month I’ll be posting an Alliterative Story with the A to Z Challenge letter of the day. You can join in the fun by submitting an Alliterative story or sensible poem of your own to a separate free challenge I’m hosting HERE Submit by April 10th to play. THERE’S STILL TIME… Give it a try!

Greta gave Gary a gulping, “good gravy,” when he goofed on his greatest gastronomic gift, gumbo.

Their gaggle of glitzy government guests glared. His glib goal of grand-grade grub had gone glitchy. His garlic glob grated and his gob-smacking gall to grab grapefruit, guava and a grove of green grapes goobered the gummy-yummy into gimpy, gross, gravely grim, grey gruel.

“Gimme,” Gary grunted, grizzled and game to gainsay her gloom. He glommed on to the goopy, gluey gallon with gusto, goaded by gouged gratification, and gluttonously glugged the grainy goo. He glimpsed a glimmer of Greta’s grudge and gasped a gravelly, garbled, gargling gripe. He groped to grasp his ghastly gorge, growing googly-eyed.

A ghostly goose of gas gusted, and Greta guessed it gushed from Gary, which garnered a gleeful, giggle and glittering gaze.

Gary gaped, glowering at Greta, grieved. He grappled for guts and gained his grip. “Gotcha, Greta. It’s garbage.” He gradually grinned.

“Groovy,” Greta graciously granted.

Growls grumbled through their gathering, and Greta ground her grey-matter gears. She grabbed Gary’s gorgeous, garden-grilled granola. The giddy group went ga-ga and greedily gummed its goodness, galvanized to gladly glorify it as a godsend. Gary gloated and glanced gratefully at his glowing Greta.

by Sheri J. Kennedy, All Rights Reserved

10 thoughts on “Gas-tly Gormet #AtoZChallenge”

    1. I’ve always spelled grey that way. Since my mum was Canadian she probably taught it to me that way when I learned my colors pre-kindergarten. 😉 Glad you enjoyed it Winney!


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