Franny’s Fuming Flambé #AtoZChallenge

Each day this month I’ll be posting an Alliterative Story with the A to Z Challenge letter of the day. You can join in the fun by submitting an Alliterative story or sensible poem of your own to a separate free challenge I’m hosting HERE Submit by April 10th to play. Give it a try!

Franny franticly fluffed her fabulous, fabled frothing fudge flambé to feature on Foster’s Free-flowing Fountain of Flavors. The flabby, flamboyant Foster flung frappe from a fluted flagon, when fluttering his frumpy fat fingers, and fussed with frivolous flattery over Fredricka’s Fancy Frappuccino for what felt like forever. Franny had filed to be first since her fundamental feat flopped if the floating frosting fell and the finicky fruit formed a firm foundation, but she was foiled when the flighty fuddy-duddy Fredricka fashioned the formality to her fitting. Falsely? Fairly? Franny faltered, furious at the fishy fink, but filtered her feverish, fluently filthy, futile fretting. It was a feeble foolish foible to flirt with frustrating Franny’s foreseen fulfillment of fetching the Foster’s Fellowship. She’d forsake her firstborn for the favor of the fortunate franchise, her foremost flag of fruition. Filaments flowed in funky, foreign, furrowed filigrees in her fickle fusion, and Franny flicked the foam, feeling fearful the filling was failing. Flustered, she flailed her fist and forced her frame forward onto film, forging her future. Foster was flabbergasted, and frail Fredricka flummoxed, but Franny fathomed fresh fiber and fiercely flourished when Foster freed her to floor the fans with her fantastic fiery flood of fun. They flocked with flapping forks to be fed from the far-out furnace when the fragrant fog faded, and the fraternity feasted, finding it faultless. Franny fought to forgo foul flaunting and flashed a friendly face at Fredricka, finishing famously.

by Sheri J. Kennedy, All Rights Reserved

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