What’s next? Book bans

I sometimes feel like my whole generation is being banned. Books that I grew up on fill ‘the naughty list.‘ Books that made me think and feel deeply, that helped me understand how different other people’s lives were than mine – and yet how much we shared in common desires, hopes and dreams.

The difficult and sometimes edgy books are the ones that take us to the precipice of what we think we know and push us to see beyond, to become something more. If we all sit safely in the middle of our culture and consciousness how will we ever grow?

Ah, I see. Oh.

Pick something and read it. Quick… Before it’s too late!

16 thoughts on “What’s next? Book bans”

  1. I admire the form and power of words. Banned books, in my opinion, are books so powerful, their message blinds. It is doubly more important to read those books and be one of the few who can digest their stories. πŸ™‚

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    1. Agreed, Jaya. I also think it tells us much about our society or pockets of subculture when we look through the list of bans or proposed bans and consider what content they are despising and/or fearing.
      I also find it ironic that what people who ban seek to bury usually takes hold even harder if it’s an actual bad thing, because if people can’t learn about it and process it, then they are naΓ―ve and will likely accept the influence without any understanding. But if they read and process it, then they can decide whether to embrace it or to fight it effectively. So even if someone is against something, they should promote it being discussed in books. It’s likely to resolve an actual bad or evil influence rather than let it poison the future subtly.

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  2. Yes!!! Yes!!!! Love this post!! I too have trouble with the idea of book banning… it’s as absurd as trying to shut down an ice cream shop that serves 24 or more flavors just because they serve one or two flavors you don’t like! Geeze louise – just get the flavors you do like and go on with your life!!

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