Book Review… Casondra Brewster’s -Tanner’s Landing: An Echo Falls Story

I don’t often review books here, but I thought the wild and weird in this one might entertain those of you who follow or stop in at Reality with a Twist. This is Book II of the Echo Falls Series, but you can read it as a standalone or after Wilderness Rim.

I expected adventure when moving forward from the fun Sasquatch-meeting story in Wilderness Rim to the next in the series, Tanner’s Landing, but this book also packs way more punch. Like Scooby Doo vs. Dark Shadows – both entertaining, mysterious, and flirting with the paranormal, but one definitely wins out on the creep factor. This amp up in intensity works for me in much the way the Harry Potter series does, since both are following characters that are growing up. It makes sense that 15 to 16-year-olds would get mixed up in deeper trouble and stranger circumstances than younger teens. Their relationships also gain complexity, and I relate to the push and pull of tension between C.J. and Janey’s friendship-or-more dilemma as well as the anxiety of all the Echo Falls gang as their peer group grows in new directions. Newly introduced character, Max, grabbed me right away and has become my favorite along with his Uncle Sebastian. I highly recommend this read, but keep the lights on, and get set for all things weird and wonderful!

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