Little Black Spot on the Sun

No doubt you’ve heard plenty about the solar eclipse, but I thought I’d post my photos anyway. I hadn’t read of this aspect of it – how the trees create viewers through each hole between their leaves – but I recognized it with delight. The tiny crescents scattered everywhere from the huge tree across the street struck my eye as strange and beautiful.

I thought it would get dark at the 92% totality in my area, but the lower level of light was noticeable and it got colder, for sure. The level of light made my brain feel funny, and after the eclipse my sense of time was completely off until late evening when I guess my internal clock and my external understanding of time got in sync again. Usually I know what time it is to within a couple minutes, and I was almost two hours off thinking it was about 10:30 when it was 12:28. Maybe the funny feeling in my head during the darkening morning light was my inner clock duking it out with my external clock.

Did you see the eclipse this time around? Did it throw off your internal clock or affect you in any other notable way?

5 thoughts on “Little Black Spot on the Sun”

    1. Yes, you were so fortunate to live in or near the path of totality. How exciting that you saw it. I’m so glad it was clear enough weather for you. The crescent shadows were beautiful, and mesmerizing is the perfect word for them. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you’ve seen the crescent shadows, Clare. It’s truly beautiful and unique. I expect I won’t forget it either.
      It was strange to lose my sense of time, about the only other thing that does that to me is if I get completely off my sleep schedule – like if I pull an all-nighter – or if I work inside a building for 12 hours or more on a project. So it doesn’t happen often. It was disconcerting, but fortunately didn’t last long.

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