I found this post by my blog friend at bluebrightly thought-provoking, moving and well written. I was especially intrigued by the wrapping together of landscape, cultural and political climates. So often we separate things and dissect issues of various natures with a false and clinical disconnect, when our environment, heart and society are actually fully intertwined.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARegular visitors to this blog know it’s usually image-heavy, without too much text. This time it’s the other way around. There’s a story I can only hint at here, an important one. If you’re interested, follow the links to learn more. And if this isn’t your thing, be assured that next time I’ll revert to the usual emphasis on photography.


In a recent post I featured cacti and other unusual plants at Organ Pipe National Monument in Arizona, which I visited in January.  As much as I enjoyed the extraordinary Sonoran desert landscape, I could not ignore our troubled border with Mexico, which forms the monument’s southern edge.


Being present at the border brings home everything you hear in the media, and more. International borders are political concepts, often drawn for colonial interests that ignored existing human, cultural and ecological realities. These territorial boundaries directly impact the land, the…

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