O is for Opinions – Brain Prosthesis & Our Future

This was an excellent Speculative panel, and I love these idea exchanges. I’ll give my thoughts in another post soon…what do you think?

By the way, my author-friend David S. Moore has a Sci-fi series, Mind Space on this topic.

Miss LiV Adventures ~A Journey Through Time...and Time Again

humana-mechanica-we-build-from-and-to-the-starsArtwork: Humana Mechanica -We Build From and To the Stars, by Sheri Walton Kennedy, 18 x 24, Magazine Collage, 1997. 

Along with instruction on better writing, a huge benefit of attending Norwescon is the exchange of ideas – especially in the speculative panels. Here are my notes with some of the thoughts and opinions from:

“Brain Prosthesis and Mind Control.”

Panelists: David Shoemaker, PJ Manney, Jake McKinzie

David: If you got this tech too early, imagine the upgrades you would need. He would have got it if they would have let him when it was introduced at his company in research. It would have had only 10GB storage! Easy upgrades will need to be solved.

How does the privacy issue relate to having a brain fused to internet or pre-programmed software messages?

Jake: Privacy doesn’t exist already…

PJ: Many don’t care about privacy and feel the benefits are worth it. She…

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