The Soul of My Blog?

I love this grappling with a common idea that writing bares the soul of the writer. What do you think? Do you bare your soul when you write?

Palabras DelMar

Blogging is an adventurous outlet, with an innate freedom of expression that allows you to explore the weirdest ideas that could come about. Maybe you are able to traverse the confines of your soul and release them with new words, or maybe you just write. One time I told someone they wouldn’t find my blog, to which they responded that they would. I was assured they would one day, then the question arose.

Why do you want me to find your blog, who said I wanted to see your soul?

I laughed a bit at this. My response was it’s really not my soul.

I never think of my blog or my writing for that matter as a way to view my soul, but today I thought about this comment and thought about my blog.

Why do I write?

I always ask myself this question and I never have a concrete…

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4 thoughts on “The Soul of My Blog?”

  1. Lovely share, Sheri. I think the deeper we go into our hearts and the more we’re willing to share our experiences of pain, the more we’ll pull the reader into our stories. It’s a commitment I try to follow through on with my fiction to the best of my ability. It’s tough to do, but worth it. 🙂

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    1. Agreed. It’s one of the reason I like to share drafts with a critique partner and my writing group. Those who know my writing can usually tell when I’m holding back and will put in a comment asking for more in just the right spot to push me to that deeper level if I ever shy away.
      I also understand artemisdelmar’s point about everything in a blog post or every character in a writer’s book not reflecting the character of the writer. If I can imagine a character doing evil, it doesn’t mean I as a person, or even a writer, wish to do that evil.

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