Would You Twist the World?


Capture3If you could influence others  – for good or for ill without them being able to resist it, would you? I ran across this article/book review by Erik, one of my favorite bloggers regarding a book written by another of my favorite bloggers. I haven’t read a novel by D. Wallace Peach yet, but her flash fiction is brilliant, and Catling’s Bane is in my Kindle queue. When I wrote this it was only .99…You may want to add it to your queue, as well.

Here’s a snippet from Erik’s review. Click HERE or on the image to read the rest on his blog…



Article above and featured Abstract Image are from the blog Best Advice So Far by Erik

7 thoughts on “Would You Twist the World?”

    1. I know I will. We have The Hobbit in common as a life-changing read, by the way. And I’m studying it right now as my chosen classic guide for a year long ‘poor man’s masters’ writing course at the library. Tolkien’s stories and world changed mine in the best ways.

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        1. So far it’s been great. Instructor Casondra Brewster is posting the lessons as Writer’s Tips on our FreeValley Publishing . com page if anyone wants to jump in on the exercises.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the love, Sheri! I hope your readers will enjoy the post — and I know they’ll enjoy Diana’s book. As I said in my post, it has taken its place among the top five in genre among the many hundreds I’ve read, most by well-known authors.

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    1. They are enjoying your post, and I plan to post my own thoughts on your questions today. That’s high praise for Diana’s book indeed, but I loved her writing from the first flash fiction, pic fiction, response I read. The theme and description of the series are right in my favorite reading zone too. I’m looking forward to it. I just have to finish a read and review for a friend, and then I’m in!

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