Into the Light

I’ve biked and walked through the Snoqualmie Tunnel several times. A journey through this throwback in time and over two miles in the dark – especially on foot – is an eerie and inspiring experience.

Encountering others in the tunnel is otherworldly. They are distant swinging lights and then vague partial images. You can see and hear them for a long time before you reach them, and then they are gone without being known, as a tiny undefined blip in the interminable darkness. It’s cool and a bit creepy.

But perhaps the most amazing thing about the hike is how long you can see the light at the end and how deceptive its distance. At some point when the monotony of steps and dim focus take over your perception, it seems like you’re suspended in time, forever walking toward the light.

4 thoughts on “Into the Light”

  1. I’ve walked through that tunnel. It is an other-worldly experience. We are rarely walking in such total sensory darkness. Even with the pinprick of light, it was disorienting. Great post. It brought back some cool memories.

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        1. LOL…I read about it first, so I knew it was about 50 degrees always, but it’s easy to get disoriented and walk into something. I like biking through it better because you don’t have to go back, and I can ride downhill on packed gravel all the way home. 🙂 Long but easy ride.

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